Why humans are responsible for evil

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I do not see evil merely as the "lack of goodness," as many do. I believe that God created everything, including evil (Isaiah ; Amos ; Lamentations ). Evil (including disasters, calamities, pain, suffering, and death) merely is one of many tools that God uses to attain His eventual goals.

The Concept of Evil

Ultimately you are really asking why humans are, well, human. We all have a variety of reasons for the actions we take or do not take.

Some decisions are made with the best of intentions and yet others would view, and judge, those same actions as stupid or. Humans are evil because they have the power to be evil, and natural selection favors organisms that will use their power in ways that benefits them and members of their own species, not usagiftsshops.com of thousands of species have gone extinct as the result of the activities of homo sapiens.

Why humans are responsible for evil not Satan

When you ask why God allowed humans to have the capability for evil, you are not framing your question fairly. You might as well ask why did God create us with joints that could be broken. He did not want us to break His rules, but once we did (and every one of us has) He had to take steps to repair the state we are in.

Who or what is responsible for evil? Consider IsaiahAmosand Lamentations Does God have a free will? This is important because of the problem of evil. If God knows the future with infallible certainty, it would seem that he is powerless to change it.

If he does not know it, does he know what he is going to do before he does it? Who is responsible for evil? How do you respond to a culture that says that evil is outside of us, rather than inside of us? Isn’t it just a case of social conditioning, in the sense that our environment has produced the conditions that have caused people to do evil?

Why humans are responsible for evil
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How can a good God allow evil in the world?