Welfarefacilities as per factories act 1948

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Factories Act, 1948 : Provisions for Labour Welfare in India

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46 brief notes on factories actStudy notes for Business and Labour Law.

Bharathidasan University (as per factories act) • There are a number of provisions in the factories act regarding welfare facilities for the workers.

The provisions relating to the Labour Welfare as mentioned in the Factories Act, (1) Washing Facilities (2) Facilities for storing and drying clothing Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to.

FACTORIES ACT The object of the Factories Act is to regulate the conditions of work in manufacturing establishments coming within the definition of the term "factory" as used in the Act. The first Act, in India, relating to the subject was passed in This was followed by new Acts in,and FACTORIES ACT, A Comprehensive law for the persons working at a specific segment.

Covers important aspects relating to the persons employed in factories. Enforced by State Govt. through Factory Inspectorate. The factories Act also provides for employment of welfare officers with prescribed qualification to look into the implementation of various facilities provided for.

The Factories Act,prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 years in factories. A new law was enacted in which bans domestic work and restaurant and hotel work by children under the age of

Welfarefacilities as per factories act 1948
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