Taguibo watershed

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taguibo watershed

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MORRAC / Misamis Oriental Road Runner & Athletic Club

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Taguibo Watershed Essay

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Jun 15,  · Drone aerial shots of the currently built Taguibo Dam, Agusan Del Norte. tree planting activity at Barangay Pianing in Taguibo Watershed, Butuan City on June 24, it was spearheaded by DENR Caraga Region in Celebration of the Arbor Day. The Taguibo River Watershed Forest Reserve (TRWFR) is the major source of potable water, supplied by the Butuan City Water District (BCWD), to over 40, concessionaires or more thanindividuals.

15 16 72 72 72 72 31 31 31 31 Among the environmental challenges Caraga region is currently facing is the increased deterioration of Taguibo Watershed and the Agusan Marsh, both of which are very essential to its surrounding communities, whose lives and livelihoods rely on it.

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Taguibo watershed
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