Impact of merger and acquisition in nepalese financial sector for a bank survival

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| P a g e IMPACT OF MERGERS AND ACQUISITION ON INDIA’S ECONOMY Heena Pahuja1, Samridhi2 1Assistant Professor, Commerce, C.R.M Jat College Hisar (India) 2Assistant Professor, Commerce, Government College, Hisar (India) ABSTRACT Growth is the substance for which everyone runs behind either an entrepreneur or.

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thesis proposal on impact of merger and acquisition in nepalese financial sector for a bank survival by shusil rana mba id: / king’s college international american university la, usa submitted to: reseacrh committee king’s college, kathmandu nepal international american univercity la, usa may 9, title of the study: "impact of.

One manifestation of the credit flow suppression of the banks at present is excess liquidity existing in the commercial banking system amidst demand for credit from the non-bank financial institutions and informal sector at a much higher interest rate.


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INTRODUCTION: Commercial banks have an essential role in the economy. One of their main duties is to collect funds from excess fund sectors and lend to customers with insufficient funds.

Impact of merger and acquisition in nepalese financial sector for a bank survival
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