Franklin d roosevelt

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Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

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Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Franklin D. Roosevelt was born on his family's estate, Springwood, in Hyde Park, New York as the only child of his wealthy parents, James Roosevelt and Sara Ann Delano.

James Roosevelt, who had been married once before and had a son (James Roosevelt Jr.) from his first marriage, was an elderly.

The Library's mission is to foster research and education on the life and times of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and their continuing impact on contemporary life.

Our work is carried out by four major areas: Archives, Museum, Education and Public Programs. USS Franklin D.

Roosevelt (CVB/CVA/CV) was the second of three Midway-class aircraft carriers. To her crew, she was known as "Swanky Franky," "Foo-De-Roo," or "Rosie," with the last nickname probably the most popular.

Watch video · Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only U.S.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

president to be elected four times, serving 12 years in office from March 4, to his death on April 12, Fireside Chats. Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt "All that is within me cries out to go back to my home on the Hudson River" FDR This quote captures FDR's connection to Springwood, the estate that he loved & the place he considered home.

Oct 12,  · Roosevelt, Franklin D. U.S. Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt denouncing the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, —“a date which will live in infamy”—and asking the U.S. Congress to declare war on the Japanese empire.

Franklin d roosevelt
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