A study on employee absenteeism

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While improving employee health and reducing absenteeism initially benefit employers and employees, a healthy workforce and an increase in productivity are national resources with benefits that extend beyond private sector employers and their employees.

Project Report on Study of Employee’s Absenteeism Essay

58% of employees are satisfied to work over time for I hottr. 8% of employees are satisfied to work overtime for 3 hours and only 2% of employees are satisfied to work over time for more than 3 hours.A study on Employees Absenteeism Table showing employee average work over time Average work over time 1 hours 2 hours 3 hours.

Absenteeism as commonly understood refers to the failure of an operative to report to work when work is available to him as used in the study overall absenteeism is made up of three component.

employees at work is necessary to allow the achievement of objectives and targets by a. department. Employee Absenteeism is the absence of an employee from work. It is a major. problem faced by almost all employers of today.

Employees are absent from work and thus the. work suffers.

A study on employee absenteeism

Despite the significance of their presence.A study on Employees Absenteeism Absenteeism: Employee’s presence at work place during the scheduled time is highly essential for the smooth running of the production process in particular and the organization in general. MSG Management Study Guide.

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Report on Employee Absenteeism

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A study on employee absenteeism
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